Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that from July 12th. -16.07.24 the Celler Schützenfest takes place. On July 12th and 16th, 2024 there will be a fireworks display at 10:45 p.m. In addition, the noises of the festival site will certainly be noticeable during this time.

We sincerely ask for your understanding.

Kind regards from the team at Hotel Caroline Mathilde

The Hotel Caroline Mathilde in Celle

The ideal place to feel good for vacation, culture and leisure

Our hotel, built in villa style, has been privately owned since it opened and has 110 beds in 53 rooms. The Hotel Caroline Mathilde is located in a beautiful, park-like garden and consists of two buildings. The “Haus am Weinhang” and the “Haus am Brunnen” are connected to each other by a walkway. Some of our rooms have a small balcony with a view of the beautiful garden or Celle’s only vineyard.

Located on a quiet side street – on the “Alten Bremer Weg” – you will find the Hotel Caroline Mathilde not far from Celle’s historic old town, where you can marvel at over 500 lovingly restored half-timbered houses, which are of course listed. A picturesque picture and an unforgettable impression.

Explore famous points of interest, such as Celle Castle – with its unique baroque theatre, which has its own theatre company – or the Bomann Museum and, right next door, the 24-hour art gallery.

Make your loved ones happy

Whether for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, give someone a voucher for Hotel Caroline Mathilde.
Upon request, we can issue you personalized value and offer vouchers.

The history of the Hotel Caroline Mathilde

Caroline Mathilde, Queen of Denmark

born on July 22, 1751 at ‘Landschloß Kew’
died on May 11, 1775 in Celle Castle

The sobbing 15-year-old child who boarded a ship in Harwich to become queen of Denmark had no idea what a sad fate she was heading towards. No one had told her that Christian VII suffered from a mental illness that manifested itself in bouts of irascibility, brutality, excessive debauchery, or severe depression. The Danes celebrated their beautiful queen, the “Rose of England”. No one could resist her grace, only the husband announced that he would lead a marriage “à la mode”, that is, he would hardly take any notice of his wife. When she became pregnant, he made tasteless jokes about her girth.

From a month-long journey the king brought the famous German Dr. Friedrich Struensee as personal physician. He also treated Caroline Mathilde, who had suffered a serious, life-threatening collapse. Struensee, an educated, progressive young man, familiar with the ideas of Voltaire and Rousseau, made an impact particularly through the force of his personality. Caroline Mathilde not only recovered quickly – she also became more self-confident and was able to strengthen her position vis-à-vis the king. Struensee was knighted and appointed State Councilor. Whether he was the father of his daughter Luise Augusta, born in 1771, is controversial. He began far-reaching reforms in many areas (e.g. he introduced freedom of the press and equality for illegitimate children and abolished serfdom and torture) – too much at once, too quickly and too radically. Nobility and clergy, whose privileges were curtailed, envious people and schemers looked for ways to overthrow him. In January 1772 the conspirators struck. They took King Christian into their power; Caroline Mathilde and Struensee went to prison. Struensee was horribly executed for treason, Caroline Mathilde was divorced and was to be banished to Aalborg Fortress for life.

Finally George III took action. from England. By threatening that his fleet would bombard Copenhagen, he secured his sister’s release. However, he did not let her return to England, but instead gave her the castle in Celle as her place of residence. The children, heir to the throne Frederik and Luise Augusta, remained in Denmark. Caroline Mathilde died completely unexpectedly shortly before her 24th birthday.

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Golf and half-timbered houses

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